Results for June 23rd

We had a bit of a quiet crowd this week compared to the last few weeks, with some space open at the bar for the first time since the league started. Those of you who stayed home missed out on a pretty cool Alphabetical Answers* round. We also had a Food & Drink round, which is always popular, and a return to the Sports round after two Literature weeks in a row.

Our winners once again were Tuesday Heartbreak, who have now won three weeks in a row and moved into the lead in our overall standings. Early on, it looked as though the Sausage Kings might fall even farther behind, but they managed to claw their way back into second place with strong Music and General Knowledge performances. My Backseat Goes Down, But I Don’t** finished in third place and won some Miller Lite Washington Nationals t-shirts, while Fuck Mountain, who started the game quite strong, slipped to fourth by the end of the night.

I liked Backseat’s new variation on their name this week. I also liked Spooning Leads to Forking. Spooning used the name Redline to Nowhere last week, but felt the name might not be tasteful in light of the recent crash. Of course, trying to bring class to our pub quiz is quixotic, to say the least, but I’ll give them props for trying. (Also, “Spooning Leads to Forking” reminds me of Rilo Kiley’s Portions for Foxes, which makes two weeks in a row in which their team’s name has referenced songs I like.)

Next Week: The Revenge of the Fallen.

*I’ll explain in the sample questions post.

**AKA “My Couch Pulls Out…”


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