Incomplete Results

I have to admit that I screwed up last night; something distracted me when I was copying down the results, and I left some key factors off the list. If you guys could tell me (a) who finished in fourth place, and (b) which teams were in attendance that I missed entirely, I’d really appreciate it. I know that we had seventeen teams last night, and I only have fourteen fifteen listed.

I can do the full wrap-up post once I have that info. Thanks, and I am really sorry.

Our winners were:
1. Tuesday Heartbreak
2. Sausage Kings
3. Sarah Palin Pulls Out…

Other teams in attendance:
-Fuck Mountain
-Awkward High Fives
-Promiscuous Shrimp
-Milgram & The Shockers
-Touched & Concerned
-Space Camp
-Spooning Leads to Forking
-Totes Magote
-Team Awkward Sea Lions
-Waiting for Lippman

-It Doesn’t Count if it’s Anal



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2 responses to “Incomplete Results

  1. Sarah Palin's Couch

    I’m pretty sure 4th place was Awkward Sea Lions.

    • andrew

      Thanks. I know they were one of the close teams going into the last round. If someone disagrees, let me know, but for now I’m giving it to them.

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