Questions from July 7th

Answers are below the jump.

Round 1: Pop Culture

ABC Family is tonight premiering a new sitcom based on the 1999 film 10 Things I Hate About You, which was in turn based on The Taming of the Shrew. Who starred as Katarina, the “shrew” of the original play’s title, in the 1999 film?

Round 2: Literature- Series of Books

Name the autho who wrote the first book in the Boxcar Children series. For some of the series I used in this round, the book is credited to a pen name.

Round 3: TV Themes

Identify the television show the following theme song clip comes from:

Round 4: Random- Ordinal Trivia

Each of the answers to the questions in this round included an ordinal number.

Loma Linda, California, is the largest US city where mail is delivered on Sundays, because of what organization’s strong presence there?

Round 5: Science: Geometry

What is the geometric name for a solid with the shape of a doughnut?

Round 6: Music- “American” Music

Name the title of the song featured in this clip and the artist who recorded it:

This week, each song had “U.S.A.” or “America” or some variant of one of the two in its title.

Round 7: Handout- US Map With Other Countries’ Flags

I got this week’s handout from Strange Maps. Since you can see the map and all the answers there, I’ll just link you to it. For our purposes, I numbered twelve of the fifty states and asked for the country represented by the flag covering each of those states.

Round 8: General Knowledge

Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale worked for the government of what fictional country?

1) Julia Stiles

2) Gertrude Chandler Warner

3) Step by Step

4) Seventh-Day Adventist Church

5) toroid (torus is technically only the name for the surface of the shape, but we were willing to accept it)

6) The Pogues – The Body of an American


8) Pottsylvania


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