School’s In Forever

Updated 7/15: I’m bumping this post up towards the top of the blog so everyone remembers to tell me what they think.

As I mentioned last night, I’m starting a grad program at GW once the fall semester begins. The bad news is that I am required to take a class my first semester which is only being offered on Tuesdays from 4pm until 7pm. Starting on September 1st, I won’t be able to make it to trivia until roughly 7:30. We have two options:

1) I drop off the questions at Stetson’s before my class and whoever is the bartender that week will get you all started at 7:00. I’ll show up sometime during the second or third round and take over from there. This is not the preference of either myself or the bar staff (I enjoy trivia and want to be there for the whole thing; they would prefer not to have to read questions while also serving you guys), but we can do it if it’s better for all of you.

2) We push our start time back to 7:30 and otherwise run things as normal. The downside here is that, in all probability, we will almost never finish before 9:30 and trivia will run until 10:00 on the crowded nights. (Right now, we usually finish between 9:00 and 9:30.) I promise to do my absolute best to cut down on the length of trivia without sacrificing any rounds if we go with this option.

So, our preference is #2, but not if it’s going to severely limit turn-out because you guys don’t want to stay out an extra half hour on Tuesday (which would be completely understandable). I’ve created this handy poll to give you a chance to share your opinions; you can also leave comments to tell me how much you hate/love me and would be delighted/depressed if you missed out on thirty minutes with me every week (or if you just want to share a slightly different suggestion or something like that).

I’m expecting to have more flexibility in my schedule once my first semester is done, so this should only last for about four months in any event.



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9 responses to “School’s In Forever

  1. Sarah Palin's Couch

    We’re not voting since we’re going back up to Boston in the fall, but if we can drag you with us as Option C, that would also be ideal. (I believe one of our teammates offered that on Tuesday)

  2. delugeon

    Totally option 2. Trivia starts too early anyway. Do you think this would push back the seat-snagging start time so those of us who can’t get there at an overeager 5:30 have a chance? Though I’m sure you all are as cool with hanging out for 2 hours prior as you are for 1.5. You’re like vultures!

  3. drew

    I agree with delugeon. I’m happy to have it start at 7:30, but it’d be nice to not have to be 2 hours early for trivia just to be able to sit down during it.

  4. moleman

    guess I’m in the minority, but I don’t live in the city and appreciate that I can get back from trivia night not too late. so my vote is w/ option #1.

    also, this may all be a moot point. little secret about most grad classes – you don’t have to go to them.

  5. Stevenson J. Donkeypunch

    Option 2.

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