Results for June 14th

We had an excellent All-Star Day/Bastille Day Pub Quiz last night. Everyone appeared to have a good time, with highlights being the Politician-Athletes and Wives of Henry VIII rounds. I had extra prizes to give away this week, with t-shirts once again for our third place team and baseball caps for last place. Congratulations to “Studzz & Dorkz” for finishing with the lowest score among teams who played all eight rounds and earning those hats.

As for our winners, the results looked a bit different this week than they have for the past month. Tuesday Heartbreak, winners for five weeks in a row, were finally toppled and finished in third with 76 points. I think they were somewhat confused by having to actually pay for their beer, but they eventually figured it out. Promiscuous Shrimp made a serious run at first place, but narrowly missed out in the end and took second prize with 78. Still, it was a very strong effort; we’ll see if they can improve on it next week. Finally, our winners- with much rejoicing on their part- were the Sausage Kings, who moved back to within one point of first in the league standings with 81 points this week. I should also note that Sausage Kings got a perfect score of 20 on the music round, which is quite the impressive feat on its own.

In addition to the mirrors I mentioned yesterday, we now have a huge Red Stripe surf board in my prize closet*. I’m not entirely sure whether it will make a good prize for a team of 4-8 people, but it looks cool. Maybe I’ll paint “Stetson’s Pub Quiz 2009 3rd Place” on it and someone from the third place team can display it in their living room? In any case, all of our teams who have been coming regularly this summer should do their best to join us on August 18th, as I’ve been saving all of the cooler sponsor-donated prizes and want to have something to give to everyone on the last day of the season.

Please remember to vote in the poll below. I’ll try to have a final decision on the fall schedule by the beginning of August. Next week: I just came up with a cool idea we haven’t done before for the audio clips in Round 3. It’ll be fun if it works.

*Not a literal closet.


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