In Which I Play Hall Monitor

I really hate to do this, but I’m sensing some crankiness…

1) The only thing I can do about seating on nights when there isn’t enough is to ask anyone with extra seats to give them up once trivia gets started. I can’t stop people from holding seats before trivia starts and I can’t start regulating how many players you need in order to qualify for a table; as long as whoever is sitting there is drinking and/or eating, I’m just not going to get into it. Feel free to attempt to persuade/bribe/coerce me otherwise, but please be nice to each other. It isn’t your fellow attendee’s fault that I’m so popular.

I am willing to consider awarding one table per week as a prize, as was suggested by someone a while back, once the league ends. I’m thinking about it.

2) Do not use this blog to attack other trivia players on any sort of personal level. Trivia-related trash talk is always cool- even harsh trash talk as long as it’s friendly- but the only person who you should be directly insulting with a comment here is me. If you really need to say something mean, do it on another website.




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4 responses to “In Which I Play Hall Monitor

  1. Stevenson J. Donkeypunch

    I agree with the short, bespectacled fellow.

    There is no place, either on this blog or in person, for attacks on other people. Sure we all want to mock that guy with the big ears (“Ears McGee”), or that annoying kid who wears that stupid tie every week (“Idiot Tie Guy”) or even that girl that won’t shut up during the audio rounds (“Shut the Fuck Up Girl”), but we resist because building this trivia community is too important. What kind of distrust would we sow if Ears McGee knew 90% of the people around him couldn’t stop staring at those freakish, elephantine auricles. Sure I wonder sometimes, like everyone else, that if we dragged him up to the roof and pushed him off, would he be able to fly safely back down to the ground, but I don’t ever make my thoughts known publicly.

    The important thing is that even when I feel the compulsion to hurt someone, I hold back on any comments that may be insulting or hurtful, because what we’re trying to develop is harmony among ALL contestents (especially those with glaringly obvious physical defects).

  2. First Down Syndrome

    Agreed. Let us all direct our aggression at our non-trivial brethren. Plus I’ll just quit my job and get there at 4:30 next week so I can get a table.

  3. andrew

    Thanks, I knew I could count on people with names like “Stevenson J. Donkeypunch” and “First Down Syndrome”.

    I should have said this in the post last night, but no one should think I was referring to any comments posted here in the past. All of those were in-bounds as far as I’m concerned. I declined to publish the comment that actually bothered me yesterday; I don’t know who sent it, it doesn’t really matter, and that’s the end of that.

  4. Moleman

    Stevenson, you a model of self restraint.

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