Results for August 4th

Everyone thought they were in for another very difficult quiz this week after a literature round about Thomas Pynchon, but I eased up a bit after that. We had a round about fast food slogans, a round in which I asked our players to order U.S. presidents by their ages, and a handout with some classic movie posters. Of course, the highlight was without a doubt the all-Nu Metal music round, or, as I like to call it, The Greatest Music Round Ever.

Our top three contained no surprises, as Tuesday Heartbreak won with 77 points, Sausage Kings took second with 73, and Pulls Out finished in third with 72. Pulls Out did give Sausage Kings and Heartbreak a bit of a scare, but were unable to hang on through General Knowledge. Heartbreak now has a two point lead in the summer league with only two weeks remaining. That means Sausage Kings probably need a win next week to have a chance at the top prize on the final night. Meanwhile, Pulls Out has a four point lead for third place, but a surprise win by Fuck Mountain, Promiscuous Shrimp, or Awkward High Fives would shake up those standings.

Next week: Stetson’s is getting a new AC system. Woohoo!


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