Results for August 25th

Other then the newbies who complained about how hard the questions were, he had a good Pub Quiz last night. Some of our regular teams took the night off, but several more joined us for questions about well known fictional characters with not very well known names, the moons of the solar system, and an unnecessarily confusing round featuring the names of country’s capital cities. Several teams also did surprisingly well on on the handout round featuring common typefaces; I thought it was one of the hardest rounds I’ve ever used when I put it together.

Our winners this week were the artists formerly known as Tuesday Heartbreak, who didn’t let up despite the end of the summer league and a name change to “Senator Stormy Daniels Opposes the Pubic Option”. It was actually a close fight for first, with Stormy Daniels and “Mayors for Life” trading the lead back and forth in between almost every round. Mayors for Life couldn’t quite knock off the champions, though, and they finished in second place.

My favorite team names this week were Stormy Daniels, “Taking a Valium Nap”, who were our third place finishers, and “The Van Buren Boys”.

Next week: Don’t forget! Trivia starts at 7:30!


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