Questions from September 8th

Answers are below the jump.

Round 1: Pop Culture

A British author most famous for his 1959 novel Billy Liar, which was adapted for film, stage, and television, passed away on Friday. What was his name?

Round 2: Literature- Posthumous Works

Name the author who wrote The Salmon of Doubt, but did not live to see it published.

Round 3: TV Themes

Identify the television show the following theme song comes from:

Round 4: Random- Cities With Different Names

What is the current name of the city that was once called Yerba Buena?

Round 5: Food & Drink

In addition to nutmeg itself, a second spice is derived from the fruit of the nutmeg tree. What is it called?

Round 6: Music

Name the title of the song featured in this clip and the artist who recorded it:

Round 7: Handout- Celebrities

Identify the celebrity shown below:


Round 8: General Knowledge

Three of our first five presidents famously died on the Fourth of July. Who was the only president to date to have been born on the Fourth of July?

1) Keith Waterhouse

2) Douglas Adams

3) Martin

4) San Francisco

5) mace

6) Aretha Franklin – Baby I Love You

7) Katherine Heigl

8) Calvin Coolidge


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