Results for September 15th

Pub Quiz was a bit more exciting last night, as we added a few teams back into the mix and had a very close race for first place. My “Songs About Food” round was much more difficult than I expected, for which I will once again apologize. Trust me, it would have been a fun theme if you had all been able to figure out the theme in the first place. “Presidential Occupations” was also difficult, but I believe several teams enjoyed that one. Plus, many of you expanded your vocabularies thanks to Harry Truman’s time as a haberdasher. Oh, and here’s that Milwaukee flag I found so entertaining:


Seriously, who uses neon pink in a flag?

Anyway, both of our winners this week used their team names to comment on Kanyegate. Following a tie heading into the final round, “Kanye Was Right” claimed a very narrow victory with 70 points. “Kanye Worst: Or, Kanye West Hates White People” finished in second with 69. For the record, I have to say that I lean more towards the latter in the debate; I actually kinda like Taylor Swift’s music and Kanye totally screwed her over. Of course, I haven’t actually watched either of the videos in question, and Beyonce’s song is awfully catchy, so it’s quite possible Kanye was correct on the merits of his argument even if he’s still a total douche.

I also liked the team name of our third place finishers, “My Grandma Teabagged Glen Beck,” because teabagger jokes are always funny. However, my favorite name from this week (and from the last several weeks, in fact) was “Nobody Puts Swayze in a Coffin.” Definitely too soon, but also really funny.

Next week: The autumnal equinox, so one round will probably consist of me having you balance eggs on their tips.


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