Results for September 22nd

The bar was packed last night with a number of new teams in addition to many of our regular players. Scores were low this week, but I didn’t think any of the rounds were particularly difficult. (Alright, Literature was pretty tough, but literature is always tough for all of you. For the millionth time, read some books!) We had a few good movie quotes, some questions about kissing, and a last-minute geography handout that turned out pretty well despite my incompetence.

Our final scores were a heartbreaker for regular attendees “Peter, Paul, and …” They held the lead for the entire night only to ultimately fall into second place in the final round, where “Amtrak Took My Uzi” had a slightly stronger performance, finishing with 64 points. Peter, Paul, and … finished with 63. Congratulations as well to Max Baucus’s Gang of Sex, who finished in third place with 60 points and nearly took one of the top two prizes with a strong finish.

Those three teams also accounted for my favorite names this week. Amtrak Took My Uzi and Max Baucus’s Gang of Sex both made me laugh, but Peter, Paul, and … gets the nod for following up last week’s “Nobody Puts Swayze in a Coffin” with an equally tasteless effort. Dead celebrities are always funny.

Thanks to everyone for dealing with our first genuinely crowded night since we pushed the start time back to 7:30. I hope we didn’t run too late for any of you; as always, let me know if there’s something you think we should do to make it a bit smoother.

Next week: I’ll be using the handout round that was intended for last night. Beyond that, I couldn’t tell you quite yet.


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