Results for September 29th

We had a good number of teams again last night and another very competitive Pub Quiz. The handout round featured some pictures of traditional Jewish foods, we had a round composed of questions about beer, and I thought the music round theme (song titles that are also movie titles) worked out quite well. By the way, I’m delighted the Jewish foods worked out. Last year, Rosh Hashanah happened to fall on the same week I hosted trivia for the very first time. Naturally, I included a “Jewish Holidays” round. Everyone hated it, and then I cried. Well, not really, but it totally made me paranoid about my round selection for the next several months.

ANYWAY, Quite a few teams were within spitting distance of victory heading into the final few rounds, but “William Safire Orders Two Whopper Juniors… In Hell” won the night with 67 points. “Memoirs of an Imperfect Team Name” finished in a close second place with 64 points. “If Only Safire Were Forever…” took third with 61, and deserves special recognition for correctly naming all four chambers of a cow’s stomach during the General Knowledge round; I don’t think anyone else knew even one.

We also had a number of good team names this week. I liked all of the winners’ efforts, as well as “The G20 Somethings” and “Going Rogue: An American Trivia Team*”. In the latter case, my love of Sarah Palin jokes apparently remains strong even though it’s been a year since she first graced us with her presence. My favorite team name, continuing the recent trend, was “Lucy in the Ground With Daisies”. (For those of you who don’t know, the alleged inspiration for the Beatles’ song just passed away.)

I was actually a bit surprised to see multiple William Safire names and no Roman Polanski names, but I guess the jokes don’t flow quite so easily when it comes to guys who raped thirteen-year-olds. That’s probably for the better.

Next Week: Alright, this doesn’t really apply to next week specifically, but I did want to mention that we’re thinking of running a mini-league during the winter, probably throughout January and February. I’d like to keep it a bit more casual than the summer league, and prizes probably won’t be quite as good as the $500 private party we awarded to Tuesday Heartbreak, but it seems a number of you would enjoy it all the same. Let me know what you think.

*I actually forgot to write that one down, so my apologies if my wording is wrong.


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  1. Cantankerous Panda

    The mini-league sounds great! Also, I loved the Jewish food round.

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