Questions from October 6th

Answers are below the jump.

Round 1: Pop Culture

Due to music licensing issues, Ally McBeal was never released on DVD in the United States until this week, when the first season of the show finally arrived in stores. For how many seasons did the show run?

Round 2: Sports- Baseball Numbers

What baseball player is identified with a record of 5,714?

Round 3: Movie Clips

Identify the movie the following audio clip comes from:

Round 4: Random- Television Marriages

Name the pair of actors who both starred in the following TV show and also were married in real life: St. Elsewhere.

Round 5: History- Patron Saints

Who is the patron saint of children in the Roman Catholic Church?

Round 6: Music

Name the title of the song featured in this clip and the artist who recorded it:

Round 7: Handout- Superheroes

Identify the superhero shown below:


Round 8: General Knowledge

When they first introduced it in the United States, what did Sony call the product that would later take the name Walkman?

1) five

2) Nolan Ryan (The record is career strikeouts.)

3) Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

4) William Daniels and Bonnie Bartlett

5) Saint Nicholas

6) Quiet Riot – Bang Your Head (Metal Health) or Metal Health (Bang Your Head)

7) Daredevil

8) Soundabout


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