Results for October 13th

With a couple of exceptions in the final round, everyone played along with my crackdown on cellphones last night. Expect it to continue into next week’s quiz. Beyond that, we had a good round about cannibalism and a fun science round featuring questions about muscles. We also had a handout featuring pictures of rooms in the White House (yes, the White House is the Washington landmark I referred to in last week’s wrap-up) and a music round devoted to songs which became hits after the deaths of the artists who recorded them.

It was another close contest this week, as our first and second place teams were separated by a single point. In the end, “Tiny Robot Michael Steele” took the top prize with 65 points while second prize went to a team who used a Prince-esque symbol for their team name for which I won’t even bother to see if I can find an HTML code to display it here. Third place was claimed by “We Won the Nobel Douche Prize.”

We also gave out some Miller Lite bottle openers last night, so thanks to Miller Lite for those. I didn’t love many of the team names this week, but Tiny Robot Michael Steele was decent enough. My favorite would have to be “All Ben’s Chili Dogs Go To Heaven,” which was kind of cute, really.

Next week: I can only assume the team with the symbol name is already planning to play next week as “The Team Formerly Known as [that symbol].”


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