Questions from October 13th

Answers are below the jump.

Round 1: Pop Culture

Spike Jonze’s adaptation of the classic children’s book Where the Wild Things Are will arrive in theaters this weekend. What is the name of the twelve-year-old actor who plays Max, the protagonist of both the book and the film?

Round 2: Literature- Pen Names

What is the real name of Lemony Snicket, author of A Series of Unfortunate Events?

Round 3: TV Themes

Identify the TV show the following theme song comes from:

Round 4: Random- Cannibalism

The Donner Party was trapped by a snowstorm in what mountain range?

Round 5: Science- Muscles

What shoulder muscle gets its name from its triangular shape?

Round 6: Music

Name the title of the song featured in this clip and the artist who recorded it:

Round 7: Handout- The White House

Identify the room in the White House shown below:


Round 8: General Knowledge

What world famous landmark is found on a peak called Mount Lee?

1) Max Records

2) Daniel Handler

3) Felicity

4) Sierra Nevada

5) deltoid

6) 2Pac – Changes (All of the songs this week became hits after the artist died.)

7) Lincoln Bedroom

8) the “Hollywood” sign


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