Results for October 20th

This week’s pub quiz was another tough one, with no teams cracking 60 points. We had some movie music, a round about trademarks, and a tough art handout with which a few teams did quite well.

Our winners were “The Sherman Lewis and Clark West Coast Offense Expedition”, who pulled away from the pack towards the end and finished with 59 points. Second place went to “Chamber of Horrors” with 55. Third place was a tie between “One Night Stands” and “Touched by an Uncle”, both of whom had 52.

Despite its length, Sherman Lewis was also my favorite team name of the week.

I’m cutting this short this week, as I’m a bit swamped with midterms and blah blah blah I’m obliged to whine about schoolwork because that’s what students do or something. Seriously, though, I have a ton of work right now, so this results post has to be quick and I’m also going to skip the sample questions post this week. If anyone really wants to see the latter, let me know and I’ll put it up some time next week. Sorry about that.

Next week: Halloween isn’t until Saturday, but let’s do some Halloween-themed questions this Tuesday anyway.



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2 responses to “Results for October 20th

  1. Moleman

    sherman lewis was a terrible name. please take back your compliment or you will be giving our teammate an over inflated sense of self worth.

  2. andrew

    I think the reason I liked it was because it was pointlessly long and really awkwardly phrased in its method of getting to the joke. So, y’know, maybe that will help with the sense of self worth.

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