Results for October 27th

We had a few Halloween-themed rounds this week, including horror movie audio clips and a handout in which everyone had to identify a variety of chocolate bars. Thanks to the drag race in Dupont and lousy weather, turnout was a little low this week, but I hope everyone who went to the drag race enjoyed it.

Our winners were “Joe Lieberman Can Vote for the Kiss My Ass Option” with 61 points. They held a very large lead in the middle rounds, but “Witty Topical Reference” pulled quite close towards the end. They couldn’t quite overtake Joe Lieberman, though, and finished in second with 57. “Ghost Bitch” was our third place team with 51.

I liked the Joe Lieberman team name for its bluntness, as well as “Soft Core Zorn” for its Redskins bashing. My favorite team name was of course, “It’s Your Great Pumpkin, Levi Johnston” because Sarah Palin and her daughter’s redneck nude modeling baby daddy will never stop being funny.

Next Week: Election day in Virginia and New Jersey… That’s all I’ve got for November 3, and it doesn’t seem like a very good basis for a trivia round.


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