Questions from November 10th

Answers are below the jump.

Round 1: Pop Culture

Producers of the Academy Awards have announced that the 2010 ceremony will feature a pair of co-hosts. One of them has hosted the ceremony twice in the past while the other will be hosting for the first time. For one point each, who are they?

Round 2: Literature- First Chapters

What novel has a first chapter entitled “The Sound of the Shell”?

Round 3: Showtunes

Identify the movie or Broadway show the following song comes from:

Round 4: Random- Questions About Bald Men

What country’s representative was speaking during Nikita Kruschev’s famous shoe-banging incident at the United Nations?

Round 5: History- Presidential Libraries

Whose presidential library is located in West Branch, Iowa?

Round 6: Music- Cover Songs

Name the title of the cover song featured in this clip and the artist who recorded this version:

Round 7: Handout- Matching Quantities

For this handout, there were two columns of phrases. Teams had to match the phrases that referred to the same number. So, for example, “Ali Baba’s thieves” and “Days of Noah’s flood” were a pair.

Round 8: General Knowledge

What newspaper ran the infamous “Dewey Defeats Truman” headline in 1948?

1) Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin

2) Lord of the Flies

3) The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

4) The Philippines

5) Herbert Hoover

6) Soul Asylum – Sexual Healing


8) Chicago Tribune


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