Results for November 17th

Another good week with another strong turnout. Everyone did fairly well with the beach questions as well as the inventors. A handful of teams also did extremely well with the athlete marriages. I was a bit disappointed with some of the scores on the Sesame Street round, considering that I did warn you it was coming last week, but they weren’t too bad as a whole.

Our winners this week were “I Can See Oprah From My House”, who earned 78 points and were one of several teams to use the release of Sarah Palin’s book as the basis of a team name. Second place went to “My Next Baby’s Name is Cardboard” who had 71. The third place team, first among several who had a shot at winning a prize but couldn’t quite pull it out in the end, was “It’s Not Creepy…”

As always, I enjoy Sarah Palin jokes, so another team name I liked was “Rogue’s Gallery”. However, my favorite this week was the unrelated “Singing Mammogram”.

Next week: Thanksgiving trivia. There’s at least one song I’m guaranteed to play in the music round.


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