Results for December 8th

Fans of The Wire this week all got perfect or near-perfect scores on the handout round, while those who had never seen the show at least got to make up amusing names for the characters. Meanwhile, fans of assassinations did quite well in our history round, but let’s keep an eye on those people just to be safe. We also had some fun questions about remote locations, and a few suggestions that perhaps my television theme song rounds are becoming too heavy on the obscure TV shows. I guess I’ll have to start reusing some of the ones I’ve used in the past.

Our winners this week were “As Seen in Playgirl”. They finished with 75 points and an 8-point lead over second, but the game was much closer until the final round. Everyone else needs to work on their general knowledge skills. Second place went to “Developmentally Challenged”, who earned 67 points, and “Birds of War” finished in third with 64.

My favorite team names were “Macaroni and Sleaze” and “Italian Sex Murder Party”.

Next week: I’ll have to see if I can come up with a decent Hanukkah round, since that starts tomorrow. Otherwise, we’ll have to hold off on the holiday rounds until the week after.


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