Results for January 5th

We had an excellent crowd for the first night of the winter league. Everyone seemed to enjoy the rebus puzzle handout round, although a couple of teams would have liked some more time to figure out the ones they couldn’t quite get. I have a couple of ideas for other “puzzle” handouts, so Ill try to use some more of those since they’re fairly popular. Teams also generally did well with the literature round this week, and the geography round was difficult but not overwhelmingly so.

Our final results were familiar to all of our summer league competitors. Defending champions “Tuesday Heartbreak” took first place with 88 points while the former Sausage Kings, now calling themselves “Pregnant and Standing”, finished in second with 84. Third place went to “Christopher Walk-Ins” with 76 points.

My favorite team names were “Pants Optional Book Club” and “My Other Ride is an Intern”, but we did have a number of good ones this time. Click over to the league standings page for the full list of teams from this week and to see our initial standings. There’s obviously still plenty of time to catch up, so make sure you join us next week if you couldn’t make it this week.

Next week: My spring semester starts on Monday, and I again have a class on Tuesdays just before trivia. Apologies in advance if I’m running a few minutes late this first week, but I should be at Stetson’s around the same time I was able to arrive last semester.


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