Results for January 12th

I thought we had an excellent Pub Quiz this week, with a sports round about NFL team name origins, a music round featuring songs with the names of cities in their titles, and an audio round involving famous speeches. The handout round, in which I asked everyone to correctly locate the parts on a cow from which we get different cuts of meat, received more of a mixed reaction, but I still think it was a fun idea for a round.

Scores were relatively high all around, and our winners were “Pregnant and Roided Up”, who finished with 82 points. “Tuesday Heartbreak” were second place with 79, and “Christopher Stand-ins” narrowly missed out on a prize with 78 points. Pregnant is now tied for first in the league standings, and the league as a whole remains very close.

As I did over the summer, I will be deleting teams from the posted standings if I haven’t seen them in three weeks. Their points will be restored if they return; this is just to keep the list from getting unmanageably long. Additionally, if you think I’ve made an error in the standings, please let me know.

My favorite team name this week was “Harry Reid’s Coloring Book”. “Putting the ‘Anal’ in ‘Analyst'” was alright, but really that’s just a weaker version of Arrested Developments “analrapist” joke, so I don’t want to give them too much credit.

Next week: There’s a famous birthday on January 19, and a famous tradition associated with that birthday.


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