Results for April 27th

It was a slow night this week, which wasn’t so terrible as far as I was concerned. Let’s pick up the pace next week, though.

Our winners were “Frijoles Swastika,” who earned 79 points. Second place went to “Pregnant and Crowning” with 76 points.

A few quick announcements since I have nothing else to add:

*On May 18, we will switch back to a 7:00 start time for the summer. Make sure you remember so you don’t show up midway through the third round.

*The summer league will begin on June 1. We’ll run it until August 24, so that’s thirteen weeks. As was the case last summer, we’re asking the beer reps for plenty of t-shirts and hats and whatnot to give out throughout the summer. I haven’t talked to Brian yet so I’m not sure about the big prize for the winners this time, but I’ll let you know once we’ve decided. I’m leaning towards using the same scoring system as last year (4 points for first place, 3 for second, 2 for third, 1 for fourth, plus 1 for attendance), but you have a couple of weeks to complain about why that’s unfair and try to get me to change it if you so choose.

Next week: The hints will be back. Not quite tonight, though.


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