Results for June 15th

Excellent Pub Quiz this week. Scores were a bit lower than I expected, but I think most teams nonetheless had fun with the tough questions. We had a Shakespeare literature round, Wisconsin state trivia, and one of my favorite recent music rounds featuring abbreviated song titles.

Our winners were “Tuesday HeartbreGOOOOOOAL!” who earned 70 points and moved into the lead in the summer league. “Epic Collapse” finished with a solid 65 points and are now tied for second for the summer. Two teams tied for third place with 59, “Van Der Sloot for South Carolina Senate” and “Jimmy Dean’s Thick, Salty, Jumbo Sausage” (fka “Infamous Genitalia”).

I had some t-shirts I intended to divide between the third place and last place teams, but since the team named “Third Place” finished in last and left before I could distribute the prizes and we had a tie for third place, I was able to give them all to our two third place finishers. I have a few of those Stetson’s shirts left, and I think we’ll be giving them to the team with the best name next week.

Next week: Among the more notable historical items for June 22: “1969 – The Cuyahoga River catches fire, which triggers a crack-down on pollution in the river.” I don’t think I can turn that one into a trivia round, but it remains hilarious.



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2 responses to “Results for June 15th

  1. Brett

    It figures the one week we bounce early (and get bounced early in the standings) we would be due for a prize. The Music Round was definitely one of the best, very creative.

    While there isn’t an entire round you could put together in reference to that historical item there is a great R.E.M. song you could use in the music round to commemorate the event.

  2. andrew

    I was surprised you left; I had announced that I’d give out the t-shirts at the beginning of the night.

    Also, I never realized the R.E.M. song was specifically about the river burning, but now that I look at the lyrics it seems fairly obvious.

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