Results for July 13th

Excellent Pub Quiz this week. We tried something new for round three with commercial jingles, and as far as I could tell, that was pretty popular. We also had the return of movie title rebus puzzles, shark questions, and songs about money.

“Epic Collapse” had a strong showing this week, earning 74 points and their second win of the summer. “Tuesday Heartbreak” finished in second with 71 points, “Big Brass Balls” took third with 68, and “Yogi Berra Death Watch” were fourth with 61.

A quick note on the league standings: I know that BBB were Infamous¬†Genitalia and Yogi Berra were Top Kill. I’m sure I saw Two Tickets for Strasburg this week, but I’m not sure which team name they used- either “Shave Your Sideburns, Mattingly” or “Johnny Wallburg”, I’m guessing? Let me know with a comment on this post, and if anyone else changed their names this week, let me know about that, too.

Next week: It’s the anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing, so let’s do something space-y.



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2 responses to “Results for July 13th

  1. Two Tickets for Strasburg

    Our name last week was John-nie Wall-burg — a reference to the newest phenom on the DC sports scene.

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