Addendum to the Results Post

(If you haven’t read this week’s results yet, read it before you read this so that the following makes sense.)

I specifically asked Angela if we could get Miller Lite to start sending a couple of their reps to trivia nights (once or twice a month, at least, if not every week) to hand out prizes in between rounds (to teams who do well in individual rounds or get specific questions right or something else along those lines). My recollection is that this was popular when they used to do it, but it’s been quite a while. You guys would like for them to start again, right?

Anyway, as I said before, if you have some other suggestion now that we’ve got them as the “official” sponsor once again, please do let me know.


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One response to “Addendum to the Results Post

  1. Sudden Sam

    Miller Lite has long fueled our team’s trivia exploits, so yes, this is a good thing. That said, now that there’s an official sponsor, I am a little sad to lose my amateur status.

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