Rounds Question

I’ve been trying to decide what to do with the fifth round now that I’m out of states, and something else occurred to me: How would you all feel about changing “Pop Culture” (round one) to a more general “Current Events?” I think I’d have more fun writing the round (after almost two and half years of writing a weekly entertainment news round, it would be a nice change of pace), so do any of you either love or hate this idea?

I might test this out this week, or I might wait to get some feedback first, so if you have a strong opinion you should let me know.



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2 responses to “Rounds Question

  1. ccp

    I think replacing the pop culture with current events is a great idea. It has been embarrassing to flip to huffingtonpost’s entertainment page each Tuesday to read celeb baby names.

  2. Heartbreaker

    I support the change of the first round to a current events round. Because this is DC, though, if the round is heavy on politics, almost everyone will get the answers. But you’ve probably thought about that.

    I miss the frequency of the science round.

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