An Announcement and a Link

1) Angela texted me last night to tell me that Stetson’s just bought 26 brand new bar stools. For any of you who have ever had to stand on a crowded Pub Quiz night, this should be excellent news; we now have plenty of additional seating.

2) I’ve tried a couple of iPhone trivia apps that I haven’t particularly loved, but I recently found one that is quite a bit of fun, QRANK. It was linked at some blog I read, but I don’t remember which one. In any case, the game is a daily set of 15 questions (so if you just check it once a day for about 10 minutes, you can keep up), and then you are ranked both locally and nationally each day. So, if anyone is interested, it would be easy enough to exchange user names and check out our relative rankings. If there are enough people who like it, I could even keep a running tally of how Stetson’s Pub Quiz players are ranked here on this blog or something along those lines (in the three days I’ve played, I haven’t yet broken the top 25 of DC players, but I’m sure some of you would be quite good). It might be fun, but it’s just an idea; not sure if anyone else  is interested in this. (I also have no idea if the game is available for Droids or other smart phones.)


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