Results for March 29th

Another very good week, with a great turnout and a tight race for first place. We had a handout with famous “misters,” Bond girls, and a big dose of emo in the music round.

Our winners were “Tuesday Heartbreak,” who earned 77 points. Second place went to “Lee Caravello’s Putting Challenge,” who had 75. “Expecting the Spanish Inquisition” narrowly missed out, taking third for the second week in a row with 74 points.

The bonus round was the handout, and Inquisition and “Heartless Contessa” both got perfect scores to each take an extra point in the standings.

Next week: Inquisition again got to choose a fifth round, and this time they’d like some comic book characters. I am more than happy to oblige.



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2 responses to “Results for March 29th

  1. Graham

    Andrew, are we doing a Sports round tonight or Literature? My friend refuses to come unless I can promise him we’re doing Sports this week…

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