Results for July 26th: So Long and Thanks For All the Fish

Excellent Pub Quiz on my final night. Rounds included local college sports teams, cheeses, and famous advertising slogans.

Our winners were “Midnight Train to Philly,” who finished with 60 points. Second place went to “Obama is Attentive, but He Still Can’t Get Boehner Up,” who earned 57. “John Boehner’s Tuesday Heartbreak” finished in third with 54.

Next week: Mehrun is now running the show, including this blog as soon as I post this. Fifth round will be mythology as per Heartbreak’s request, but other than that, you’ll have to wait and see.

Best wishes to all and thanks for three fantastic years.

A final note: The music round this week included such an unusually high number of obscure songs due to my “Favorite Song Titles” theme that I wanted to give you links to YouTube clips of them in case you were interested. I’m doubting anyone is unfamiliar with While My Guitar Gently Weeps, but I figured I’d throw them all in as long as I was doing this. Check below the jump for the clips.

(“I have written a love song, though. In this film, I sing it to a lamp.”)


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