Hello there, Y’all. (+ Hint #1)

So, now that Andrew has ended his esteemed and lengthy tenure as your quizmaster, I have the daunting yet honorable task of trying to live up to his example.  So, I guess I should introduce myself to those of you who haven’t seen me before.  Hi, I’m Mehrun.

Ok, now that that’s out of the way and you know all that you need to know about me, I’ll just let you know that I’ll do my best to keep the continuity of the quiz night going.  Obviously, I have some of my own quirks that will probably work their way into my questions – I warn you that I’ll probably skew a bit heavy on the international questions, as a shameless geography/world politics nerd – but I’ll try to maintain the basic format with the usual themes (current events, sports/lit, random audio, 3rd-place-choice, music, handout will all be there) for the foreseeable future.  So as I’m just the new guy and many of y’all have been coming for years, feel free to come up and give me feedback on how I’m doing.  Or just heckle, whatever.  That’s cool too.

Anyway, I’ll see you on Tuesday at 7 for my initiation.  And here’s where I guess I have to give my first hint as host.  I suppose you could take this song as a tribute to my predecessor.  Though…just listened to the lyrics.  Damn, that would be a frickin’ creepy tribute.  So yeah, just take it as a hint for next Tuesday’s quiz.  And thanks again to Andrew and everyone at Stetson’s for giving me this chance.

Glad to be here,


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