Results from last Tuesday

Hey y’all,

A quick update on how things went on Tuesday, also known as the warm-up for the Fall Pub Quiz League Season starting this coming Tuesday, September 13.  Anyway, it was a tight battle throughout, but in the end, the winners were “Rick Perry Doesn’t Care About Blackened People” (first-time winners during my tenure as host, but I know there are some seasoned veterans on that team) with 67 points.  They also won the best team name vote, but as they won first place in the quiz, they had to relinquish it to the runners up in the team-name contest, “If Having a Condoleezza Rice Scrapbook is Wrong, I Don’t Want to be Right.”  Anyway, there was a two-way tie for second at 63 points, but “Rooty Tooty Fresh and Bloody” (too soon!) were able to edge out “DC Drivers Handle Bad Weather Worse than the Donner Party” on the tiebreaker.  Which means, as third-place team, DC Drivers had the honor of choosing round 5 for next week – and it will be “Reality TV”.  Get ready, y’all – I’ll see you there for the start of the league!



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