Hints for tonight; League Standings

Hey y'all,
So here are the hints for tonight's quiz, along with
an extremely poorly formatted list of the league standings,
through 2 weeks.  Check through and let me know if you
think I've made a counting/adding mistake, either by email
or in person when the quiz goes down...yes, that's 7 p.m.
at Stetsons, as is customary.

Anyway, a couple hints first:

See y'all there!

Tuesday Heartbreak	9
Great Moments...	6
Dead Meat	        5
Michael J. Fox	        4
Frothy Mixtures	3
David Graybeard	3
Romo's Breathing Challenge	3
Herman Cain	2
Hermaphrodite Barbie	2
Thickness	1
J&K	1
No Ma'am	1
Bachmann Can Give Me a Gov't Injection	1
You Look Fat When You Cry	1
Bachmann Bitches	1
Left Behind w Kirk Cameron	1

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