Hints for tomorrow (league championship, y’all!)

So, I’ll give y’all the full league standings and more of a preview of the league final tomorrow night (there will be more bonus point opportunities plus bonus worthless random frickin’ prizes)  in a moment…or just later tonight, whatever.  But first of all, I’ll have to give you guys a few hints in case you’re rarin’ to go.

A reminder: Round 2 tomorrow will be sports, and Round 5, as selected by the Frothy Mixtures who took 3rd place last week, will be “Dinosaurs in Fiction and Pop Culture”.  That said, here we go — and be warned, these hints may or may not be dead giveaways of questions we’ll see tomorrow night.

1. (I don’t recommend viewing this in anything close to its entirety.)


3. A brief taste of Round 5:

Game on,




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