Results, Standings, and League Championship TONIGHT!

Hey y’all,

So, last week was a good tough round of trivia, with Dead Meat/Pikachu Is My Speechwriter just edging out Tuesday Heartbreak in the final round, winning 86-83 and taking home the $50 tab.  In third was the Frothy Mixtures with 76 (who chose Dinosaurs in Pop Culture and Fiction as the theme for round 5 in addition to picking up 3 league points), edging out something like Dr Pepper is the Best Thing that Has Happened to Me (ok, I don’t remember the exact wording of your name, my bad) by a point.  Best team name (with a bonus league point apiece plus comedy show tickets) was divided between F*ck American Crossroads and Hermaphrodite Barbie Replaced Ben Affleck with Mehrun as Her Celebrity Crush (let’s not get into that…).  So the league standings, first:

Tuesday Heartbreak 59
Dead Meat 43
Frothy Mixtures 24
Herman Cain 21
Hermaphrodite Barbie 20
Michael J. Fox 17.5
Great Moments… 15.5
David Graybeard 12
You Look Fat When You Cry 10
Zhou En Ligers 8
Little Red Sweater Hood 7
Romo’s Breathing Challenge 5
Bar Trek 4
No Ma’am 3
RIP Heavy D 3


Of course, as I’ve mentioned all along, tonight is the grand final of our Fall League for 2011 at Stetsons, and the winning team will win honor as well as a free party in the upstairs barroom plus a $350 tab.  I’ll be giving out consolation prizes, largely designed to give you an advantage in a future trivia night (think along the lines of the current  honor that goes to the 3rd place team each week) to teams near the top when all is done tonight.  And as I’ve mentioned, the format for the league final is as follows – the weekly prizes will be the same as always – $50 off your alc tab for first, $25 for second.  But the final scores from tonight will be added to half the league points your team has – see above, divided by two – to determine the final league standings.  Yes, Tuesday Heartbreak has a good lead there, but if Dead Meat can win by 8 points – something they certainly could do on a good night – they could take the title away from the defending league champs.  And hey, Frothy Mixtures could, I guess, maybe beat them by 18?  Less likely but still a chance.  In fact, anyone coming off the street could theoretically win it.  So come, get ready for a showdown — there will be plenty of points on the board – there will be a 20 point handout round and I’m adding in a bonus mini-round worth a max of 5 points half-way through as well – so you can make your move to the top.

I’ll see you all there for the grand finale.


PS: And next week shall be the holiday/year-in-review trivia showdown.  So don’t let the lack of league play keep you away – keep on coming every Tuesday for the glory, the prizes, and the belligerence that comes with winning at Stetsons Tuesday Night Pub Quiz.


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