Results from tonight

Hey y’all,

Thanks for showing up for the raucous, jam-packed trivia showdown tonight at Stetsons, where beer and trivia-fueled anger were on display as much as ever.  I have misplaced the team names and scores, so let’s do this from memory:  In first place, thanks to a complete mastery of fictional robots and an impressive perfect score on the final round, was Mitt Loves Lava Lamp, followed close behind by Jesus to Tebow: Less Pigskin, More Foreskin, who had to settle for $25.  In third place was the team formerly known as Tuesday Heartbreak, this time known as Tebow is Still #1 in Jesus’s Heart.  Over the objections of a certain heckler from the You Popped My Cherry Blossom Early team, they chose “20th Century Physics” as a theme for next week.  So study that – like I said, I’ll make it at least somewhat accessible.  And winning a bunch of shot glasses and wax-covered basketballs for best team name was “An Anagram of Mitt Romney is Mr. Money Tit”, the team proudly representing the old School Bus 91 route from back in NH.

Thanks to all who came, and I’ll see you guys next Tuesday at 7!



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