Thanks to y’all for coming down tonight and playing another night of trivia at Stetsons!  Winning $50 off their tab with an impressive performance at 72.5 points was Taxday Heartbreak, knocking off the same $25 runner-ups from last week, “Secret Service Agents Tell Colombian Prostitutes to Suck It” on 66 points.  In third with 62 was “Mitt Romney’s Dog Would Rather Be Eaten by a Family in China Than Go For Another Car Ride”, and in 4th was Penfolds 5 with 59, who pick up a bonus league point.  As third place team, China got the right to choose a round for next week, and thus, you must all be prepared for a round on Disney Channel Original Movies.  Also worthy of mention is the winner for best team name (hey, your vote, not mine): “Discover Didn’t Go Out In Style Like Challenger :-(“.

(and an update on league standings through week 2: In the lead we have Tuesday Heartbreak, followed just behind by Suck It/Dead Meat, Team China, Hermaphrodite Barbie, and Seamus Romney. But, it’s ridiculously early.)

See y’all next week…and here’s a little something to get you started on your prep…only watch if your heart can handle the soul-crushing anguish on their faces…sniff sniff.



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