Belated Results from Last Tuesday – and Hints

Hey y’all,

Sorry for the delay – here are the results for last Tuesday’s trivia. For the second week in a row, ACL Tells Derrick Rose to Suck It took first place (70 pts), winning the $50 tab and pulling into a tie for first place in the league standings with  Tuesday Heartbreak (67 on the night, for the $25 runner up prize).  (Behind them in the league are Team China, Hermaphrodite Barbie, and Titanic Swim Team rounding out the top 5 with many teams very close behind.)  Third place on the evening, with 63 pts, was “Knock Knock. Who’s there? Blind guy. Blind guy Wu?”, who have used their consolation prize of choosing a round for this Tuesday to make me come up with an audio round on 1970s TV.  So if you know anyone who watched TV in the 1970s or just watched way too many reruns of 70s sitcoms, bring them on Tuesday.

And the best team name prize – playing off the Law and Order theme round we had – went to “In the Chinese Justice System, There are Executioners, and There are Executioners.  These Are Their Stories.”  Which, well, was pretty damn brilliant.

I’ll throw in a couple hints for Tuesday here, while I’m at it:

(EDIT: I’ve been informed that embedded viewing is disabled for the above video, so you can check it out by going to – though really, to be honest, the title of the video is all you need for the vague hint I’m giving.)

See y’all Tuesday night!



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