Results, League Update, and info on guest-hosting after this week

Hey y’all,

Thanks for getting there early and packing the house on Tuesday.  Good to see some old teams and hecklers that hadn’t been there in a while show up!  Anyway, results: for possibly the first time since I started hosting last summer, Tuesday Heartbreak placed outside the top 4.  Shocking stuff here.  Instead, Suck It won with 63.5 on a low-scoring night across the board, edging out Anatomically Correct Ken (60 pts) for first place and the $50 first prize.  Seamus Romney made it back into the top 3 with 57.5 – requesting a sports round on Baltimore Orioles history for this Tuesday, as their prize, so study that category – just beating out 4th place “Chinese Family Planning Commission Hires JP Morgan After 2 Billion Lost” by a half point, but at least Team China won the best team name prize for that.


Anyway, time for a quick league update. As mentioned before, after this Tuesday, I’ll be out of the country for two weeks, and as a bonus prize at the approximate halfway point of the league, I’ll draw two teams at random from the top 5 in the league at the end of this week’s quiz to be guest writer/hosts for the next two weeks (we’ll take a break from the league for those two weeks, of course).  Ask me for more details on Tuesday if you have questions.  But as it stands, there are plenty of teams right around the cutoff for fifth in the league, so plenty are in the mix.  Here’s the top portion of the leaderboard, including the teams with a decent chance of being in the top 5 after Tuesday night:


Suck It 33
Tuesday Heartbreak 30
Team China 18
Hermaphrodite Barbie 13.5
Seamus Romney’s Magic Carpetbagger Ride 13.5
Titanic Swim Team 13
Knock Knock/MCDOA/Ken 13
# 10
Goatse Appreciation Society 10


Good luck to everyone, and I’ll see you Tuesday! Some hints for Tuesday to be posted shortly…



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