Results – and the identities of your new guest hosts

Hey y’all,

I will have to keep this brief, as I’m writing from a foreign land where there’s some kind of post-apocalyptic statue of a camel made from scrap metal in my hotel lobby, so as I’m sure you understand, I have better things to do than post. Such as look at statues of camels.  Anyway, it was a good tough round of trivia on Tuesday, with Suck It taking first place (and extending their league lead to 7 pts), Trivia Newton John – Let’s Get Quizzical coming out of nowhere to take second, Robin Gibb is Not Staying Alive in third (which means when I come back June 12, I have to do a round on NBA stats for them), and the team that keeps changing its name but this week was named after their team captain’s affinity for lactation consultants in fourth.

Afterward, I drew randomly from the top 5 teams who were still present, and having drawn #5 and #3, that means our guest hosts these next two weeks will be Olley Tabeaver (formerly Titanic Swim Team), who moved up to 5th when someone left early, followed by that team who keeps changing their name.

What does this mean for you?  Well, it means they’re going to write questions about whatever the crap they feel like (I’ll do my best to vet and give suggestions, but they will have a distinctly different feel – if you know anyone who likes 90s rap and/or murderers, you should probably bring them to play on Tuesday, for example. hint).  The tab prizes will be the same as always – but there will be no league points awarded till I get back for the June 12 quiz.  After which point we’ll resume the league till the end of July, btw.

So come on down, and watch your competitors put a new spin on the Stetsons trivia experience. Or watch them crash and burn and remind you how much you miss me. Either one is fine.



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