Trivia Tonight – with new guest hosts

Hey y’all,

First, congrats to team Olley Tabeaver for doing what I hear was an awesome job of hosting in my absence last week.  A couple of people wrote me to say that it went amazingly well, and one of those people wasn’t even on Olley Tabeaver, so I have to assume this was the truth.  Anyway, tonight, it’s week 2 of 2 of the guest host break.  The team that keeps changing its name (though which seems to be made up of one or more Census Bureau folks) is hosting tonight – I’ve seen their questions and it looks like some very good – and definitely challenging – trivia.  They’ve put a good deal of time into it for sure.  So go on out to Stetsons for tonight’s trivia at 7.

I’ll be back next week (at a special time of 7:30, as my flight gets back to the US a bit late – and I have an emergency fill-in to read my questions if I get delayed) to resume the league.



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