Results and League Standings…

Hey y’all,

First, thanks to everyone who came by for last week’s slightly delayed return to trivia league action.  Your welcome warmed my crotchety heart, and it was great to be back.  And it was a brilliantly hard-fought trivia battle, with Tuesday Heartbreak edging out their rivals Suck It, 72.5 to 70.  Just out of the money but earning the right to choose a theme round for tomorrow was a team whose name insinuated that I came back with more than souvenirs from my travels, in third place with 65 – and to continue the insults, they used that prize to insist I have an Agatha Christie round for tomorrow. Sadly, them’s the rules, and there will be one.  Also picking up a bonus league point in fourth place with 60.5 were Founding Uncles – congrats on the persistence that got you that point.  Also, the fabulous guest hosts formerly known as Titanic Swim Team were rewarded for changing their team name to something tasteless about Jerry Sandusky (sorry, in my jetlagged haze I forgot the exact wording, but it was atrocious) by being voted best team name.

Anyway, here are the league leaders as it stands:

Suck It 44
Tuesday Heartbreak 38
Team China 22
Knock Knock/MCDOA 18
Hermaphrodite Barbie 17.5
Titanic Swim Team 17
Goatse Appreciation Society 16
Seamus Romney’s Magic Carpetbagger Ride 15.5
Founding Uncles 13

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