Hints for Tuesday (Yes, Trivia is ON)

Hey y’all,

I owe you results from last Tuesday’s brutal trivia showdown, and those (with a league update) will be posted tomorrow.  But for now, I wanted to at least get you guys a couple of hints for Tuesday night.

Yes, there will indeed be trivia on Tuesday in spite of July 4 being the following day. This is due to the fact that trivia is good, and also, you all voted for it. So I’m up for it, and remember, come, play, and get crazy at Stetsons because you have no work to do on Wednesday, unless if your boss is a commie who hates America.

First, our third place finishers from team Hermaphrodite Barbie earned the right to choose a round, and demanded a music round on 1990s R&B.  I am more than happy to provide this, as I listed to far too much pop radio during the 1990s.  I warn you after writing this round that what I think everyone automatically remembers may not be accurate; it might just be what dudes who were once awkward 9 year-old Iranian-American nerds with nothing to do but look at maps while listening to the Boston-area R&B stations on the radio from the neighbor’s garage sale think everyone automatically remembers.  But here’s a hint to get you thinking (though none of the songs included there will be part of the round):

And a couple more hints while I’m at it:

and this map here (which also is not actually something you’ll see on Tuesday).

See you Tuesday,



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