Results from last Tuesday

Hey y’all,

A quick update on the league, incorporating last Tuesday’s results, as promised.  Pulling away at the end yet again was Suck It, winning with 74.5, as well as winning a pitcher for best team name with “Natural Selection Tells Impotent Tortoise to Suck It”.  They edged out the name-shifting regulars I refer to as MCDOA in the standings, this week playing as Angeline’s Last Stand, who had 70, and third place team “Supreme Court Rules 8 to 1 that Scalia is a Giant Cuntrag” (Hermaphrodite Barbie) with 66.5 – and they also won the right to choose tomorrow’s 90s R&B round.  In fourth with 63, picking up a bonus league point, was Titanic Swim Team, playing by some team name playing off Arizona’s immigration law that I forgot.

I’ll see you all Tuesday night at Stetsons at 7 p.m. – and below you can see the top of the league leaderboard.  -M.


Suck It 56
Tuesday Heartbreak 42
Team China 29
Hermaphrodite Barbie 23.5
Titanic Swim Team 23
Knock Knock/MCDOA 23
Seamus Romney’s Magic Carpetbagger Ride 17.5
Goatse Appreciation Society 16
Germany – Even their shoes are racist 14
Founding Uncles 13
Gallo Mas Gallo 12

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