Results from Tuesday

Hey y’all,

Thanks for packing the bar on a holiday Tuesday for the closest trivia showdown I think I’ve ever presided over, with the top four teams all within 3 points.  In the end, for the first time after countless near misses, our winners were Team China playing as “What did Sandusky Say to 12-year old Sisqo? Let Me see that Thong”, who in spite of that atrocious name picked up 72 points, knocking off defending champions Pepco Complaint Line: 202-4-Suck-It, who ended with 71.5.  And just a point behind them was “What’s the difference between Pepco and Mehrun? Pepco only went down on 10% of DC last night”, who also, I’m sad to say, won the audience vote for best team name that I had to respect, as I run a democratic trivia night.  Picking up a bonus point for fourth yet again was TST, playing as CNN Reports Derecho is Just a Passing Golden Shower, with 69.  And our third place team chose, completely of their own free will, that I have to write a round on Persian American culture, with an emphasis on the show Shahs of Sunset. I’ll try my best to make that round accessible to the world at large.

As for the league – which ends in the grand final in 4 weeks (on July 31 I believe) – here’s an updated look at the top of the leaderboard. And yes, there are some sizeable gaps, but remember that your score at the grand final is the biggest determinant of the placing – half your league total through July 24 gets added to your July 31 score to determine our league champion.   So it’s still far from decided who will win.  Anyway, keep looking here for hints as we get closer to next Tuesday.  -M.

Suck It 61
Tuesday Heartbreak 44
Team China 35
Titanic Swim Team 26
Hermaphrodite Barbie 25.5
Knock Knock/MCDOA 25
Goatse Appreciation Society 20
Seamus Romney 17.5
Germany – Even their shoes are racist 16

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