Results from last week (and league update)

Hey y’all,

Looking forward to seeing you tonight at 7 for some more trivia. It should be a tough but fair night of trivia, and not only because I discovered that there really aren’t even close to 10 Mickey Mouse Club Alumni whom I’ve actually heard of.  Anyway, the results from last week: after faltering for a few weeks, Tuesday Heartbreak gave a dominant performance, winning 67-60 over Suck It, with Team China in third at 55.5 (earning them the right to choose the Mickey Mouse Club round).  In fourth just a half point behind were “San Diego Fireworks Last 10 Seconds Longer than [this quiz host],” (Full name edited to avoid that coming up on Google searches by any future prospective employers – c’mon, you understand), who took home some sweet armbands for winning the best team name vote.

As for the league standings, a reminder that we have only two more weeks of trivia – tonight and next week – to earn points going into the grand final of July 31st.  Of course, every night will be the same basic trivia rules, in that any team who wins that evening gets $50 tab, second place gets $25 tab, and so on, but league points can only be earned the next two weeks. Then your team’s total will be halved and added to your score on the night of July 31st to determine the Stetson’s Summer 2012 Champion.  got it? good. And then we’ll just keep trivving as normal each week until the next time we feel like starting the league up again.

Anyway, the standings update.  Here is the top of the leaderboard:


Suck It 66
Tuesday Heartbreak 50
Team China 39
Titanic Swim Team 28
Hermaphrodite Barbie 27.5
Knock Knock/MCDOA 27
Goatse Appreciation Society 23
Germany – Even their shoes are racist 18

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