Results from last week and league update

Hey y’all,

Thanks for coming out last Tuesday for a good night of trivia – once again, it was Tuesday Heartbreak taking the victory with a stunning performance of 70 points (including a perfect 11 on an extremely difficult final round).  In second place – their first time in the money, taking the $25 runner-up tab – was the team formerly known as Titanic Swim Team and this time known as some kind of Bain Capital reference I forget, with 64.5.  Suck It – this time named in memory of past teammate and longtime Stetsons trivia legend Alex Okrent – came in with 63.5.

Suck It also earned the right to choose a theme round for tomorrow, and selected “British Children’s Literature, 1890-1990”, which will be tomorrow’s lit round. Also, in fourth place and picking up the audience vote for best team name was “R@pe slightly funnier than Daniel Tosh”, you horrible people you.


So here are the league standings going into tomorrow’s quiz, the second to last night of the league season (don’t worry everyone, there will be trivia as normal after the league is over – ain’t nothin gonna change).  I’ve listed everyone in double digits….


Suck It 66
Tuesday Heartbreak 50
Team China 39
Titanic Swim Team 28
Hermaphrodite Barbie 27.5
Knock Knock/MCDOA 27
Goatse Appreciation Society 23
Germany – Even their shoes are racist 18
Seamus Romney’s Magic Carpetbagger Ride 17.5
Founding Uncles 15
Gallo Mas Gallo 12
Tosh 11
#WhatWouldAmandaBynesDo 10

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