Results from tonight – and final league update

Hey y’all,

Thanks to everyone who packed the house tonight for another competitive night of trivia.  For the third week in a row, our winners after all was said and done – and again thanks in part to a perfect score on the final round – was Tuesday Heartbreak, with 72.5 points.  In second, close behind, was Suck It, with 69.  In third, also thanks to a perfect final round, was Scissorin’ Sally (Titanic Swim Team) with 62, leaping over Payne Capital who had 59.5.  Winning the best team name prize in the audience vote (I may butcher this as I misplaced my notes on this) was Sorry Chick fil-A, but Kermit Prefers Pig.

Thanks to their 3rd place finish – and based on  the fact that they were the only team in the bar to get the question on “Martin” right in the TV/movie fonts round – TST have earned the right to order me to write a round on “Martin” – yes, the 1992-97 Fox sitcom – for next week.  And I will do so proudly.   Even though it might mean the final league result, in our grand final for the Summer 2012 Stetsons Pub Quiz League, comes down to who knows more about a Martin Lawrence vehicle in which every episode was basically exactly the same as every other episode.

Speaking of the league, here are the standings right now:


Suck It 75
Tuesday Heartbreak 62
Team China 43
Titanic Swim Team 37
Hermaphrodite Barbie 29.5
Knock Knock/MCDOA 27
Goatse Appreciation Society 23
Seamus Romney’s Magic Carpetbagger Ride 21.5
Germany – Even their shoes are racist 21
Founding Uncles 15
Gallo Mas Gallo 12
Tosh 11
#WhatWouldAmandaBynesDo 10

Now, as the rules go – half your league score through tonight will be added to your score from next week to determine the final league standings. Yes, next week is the grand final (though keep coming in August and beyond, as trivia will still go on every week as normal).  A few takeaways from those standings:

-Next week, if Suck It wins, or loses to Tuesday Heartbreak by 6 pts or less, they win the league (these scenarios assuming they don’t lose to Team China by 16 or TST by 19 at the same time).

-If they lose to Tuesday Heartbreak by 7 or more, Tuesday Heartbreak wins the league for the infinityth time in a row.

-If they lose to Tuesday Heartbreak by exactly 6.5, we go into a 3-topic mini-round tiebreaker showdown for the league.

-Also, all runners up finishing in the top 5 of the league will get consolation prizes, which will mostly involve making me write the following week’s trivia on whatever bizarre crap they want me to, no questions asked.

So, get studying Martin.  A quick look at the TV listings seems to indicate that there are reruns on various nights this week, on both TVOne and MTV2, between the hours of 10 p.m. and 4 a.m., in case you have nothing better to do during those hours (and if you’re reading this, that’s probably a safe bet).

In conclusion, see you next Tuesday.



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