Results from last night (and the Summer 2012 League)

Hey y’all,

Thanks for packing the house last night for another great trivia showdown – sorry for being 10 minutes late and a little disorganized (as surprised as you may be to find this out, I do have a day job, which can get in the way sometimes).  Anyway, our winners last night – thanks largely to a perfect 10 on the archaic flags round – was Suck It with 70.5, taking home the $50 tab above Tuesday Heartbreak, who had 68.5 and had to settle for the $25.  In third (after leading UNTIL the archaic flags round) was Mitt Romney Visits Wailing Wall Despite Being Incapable of Crying (formerly TST), with 66.  The best team name vote went to “If I Knew Skeet Shooting Was an Olympic Event I’d Have Put Away My Tissues and Gone to London”, who were also 4th place.

Now, the league.  Going into tonight, Suck It had a 6.5 point lead on Tuesday Heartbreak – and thus ended up knocking off the defending infinity-time champions by 8.5 points.  (Not that anyone else was close to those two, but on the strong showing tonight, TST took third in the league, 15 points behind Tuesday.)  So….

Congratulations to Suck It!, your Summer 2012 Stetsons Pub Quiz Champions!

Yeah, it might be my camera’s fault, but you guys look creepy in that picture.  (Creepy with VICTORY.)

Anyway, next week there will be trivia as always, so the league ending doesn’t mean anything to most of you.  If you’re embittered by your failure in this summer’s league, don’t worry, there will be another league starting up in the Fall, TBA.

Special rounds for next week:

Also, as consolation for the top runners up, I awarded bonus “make me write questions on things you like” prizes.  The league’s 2nd place team got the right to choose a picture round for next week, and choose a language for me to put 5 questions into next week.  So, Tuesday Heartbreak requested a picture round on “Prog Rock Album Covers” (though I reserve the right to define what fits in the genre of prog as I see fit, k?), and because they felt like it, they requested the language I put 5 questions into as “Python” – yes, the programming language.  I don’t know any Python, but I’ll find a way to fulfill my obligation by next Tuesday.  In third place, TST get to choose next week’s music round, and selected “Songs produced by Brian Eno”.  Also, as they were third place last night too, they get the regular opportunity to choose round 5 for next week – and selected High School Physics.


So study all of that, and I’ll see you next Tuesday!  Thanks for a great league season at Stetsons.




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