Results from last night

Hey y’all,

Thanks for everyone who came out for the bizarrely custom-made post-league trivia night last night.  It was a difficult night of trivia, what with all the random esoteric rounds I had to write based on requests from the league runners up, so the winning score was only 60 – and that was turned in by the team formerly known as TST – “Asian Shuttlecocks Get Shortest Shaft” (terrible, guys, just terrible) for their first ever win.  They knocked off the two teams who tied for second at 54.5 – “Galen Crater I AM IN YOU,” and “I Like My Pub Quiz Hosts Like I Like My Steak – Brown and Succulent”, with Galen Crater taking the tiebreaker by getting 1 out of the 10 top songs of the year that Billboard named during the 90s.  By getting zero, “Brown and Succulent” took third, and earned the right to select round 5 for next week. So there will be a round all about Supreme Court Cases next week, for what will undoubtedly be a more normal week of trivia.   I’ll see y’all there!




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